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The hawker culture is an integral part of Singapore living. People from all walks of life, of different races and cultures gather at the hawker centres to dine and bond over their favourite hawker food. There are approximately 114 hawker locations within our little red dot, an estimate of approximately 6000 hawker stalls serving our population of 5.7million residents.


However, the Covid-19 pandemic drove economies to rock bottom and our hawker vendors were not spared. With majority of the population working from home, opting for the convenience of food deliveries and avoiding crowded places, our hawker vendors see business plunge by up to 50%. With the median age of hawkers at 60 years old, our hawker culture is slowly eroding. 


Goooood App aspire to help our hawker vendors transform and deliver beyond the expectations of consumers today and the future.


Proposed Idea→

Consumers are able to order from hawker vendors within a 2km radius of their current location, visualise the waiting time for respective food items during the food selection process and also make payment for orders via the digital payment system on the app. 


The Goooood app reduces physical queues at hawkers stores, orders from multiple stalls can be made all at one go and consumers are free to utilise the waiting time before they collect their food. Gooood app aims to offer hawker food delivery features in subsequent phases of development.

Beyond food ordering and queue management functions, Gooood app attracts consumers through crowd-sourced review and comment feature which draws attention to good hawker food. 

The Goooood app aims to increase sales of hawker vendors with additional convenience and information. The Gooood app offers an integrated HR/ Payroll, data mining and analytics abilities via the vendors’ end. With the data and insights harnessed from consumer data, targeted marketing.

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